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We offer a whole range of Security Services. Over the years our Management and Security teams have gained vast experience, working in various Security sectors.

Event & Venue

Security is imperative at any event or venue, whether indoors or outdoors. The complexity of this task is often under estimated and this is where SRM’s experience can pay dividends. We will strategically plan and co-ordinate Security whilst meeting your specific requirements, ensuring all Health & Safety and legal standards are met.
Our senior team has years of experience in planning and executing the Security at all types of Events and Venues, from Music Festivals and Concerts to Sports and Social Events. Our fully trained and qualified team will liaise with the Event organizers / Venue Manager, Emergency Services, Local Authorities and any person, department or group required. With the ability to set up and run a Control Room and our highly trained customer focused Security Team, we really can offer an extensive service to ensure your event passes off without incident whilst offering excellent customer service. The size of your requirement no matter how small or large, SRM would have no issue providing a solution for.

Services we offer for the safety of your event or venue

  • Experienced and highly trained/ customer focused Stewards
  • Experienced and highly trained/ customer focused SIA Licensed Security Staff for duties such as Response Teams
  • Close Protection Operatives if the profile of, or risk to any artist/ sports person/ other attendee or visitor requires
  • Control Room
  • Assistance in Organisation
  • Provision of Event/ Venue specific Risk Assessments, Security Plans and Emergency Procedures.
  • Security Fencing/ Barriers, Lighting and CCTV

As with all the Services we offer, we always complete our primary objective of providing a safe/ secure environment and securing property/ valuables and people, but doing so whilst offering you and your visitors excellent customer service.

Film & Security

Film and Television Security can be very complex. Working in conjunction with many other departments of the production team, the venue/ site and often a live audience. This is why it is vital an experienced Security provider is used.

SRM have in excess of 10 years experience in this field, with a combined senior team experience of over 50 years. Most of our staff have been working with us for a long time and equally experienced, all new recruits receive a rigorous induction/ training programme to ensure they meet the same high standards. Our resume includes ‘The Voice’, ‘Dancing on Ice’, ‘Red and Black’, ‘Lets Dance’, ‘Hotel GB’, Towie and many more.

SRM have learnt to be flexible to the ever-changing needs and timescales involved without ever compromising Security, Health & Safety or Service. At all times but especially when working with the general public in circumstances such as live audiences, location security and contestant shows, we have through training and reviews ensured we offer and deliver excellent customer service to everyone we come in contact with.

List of services we provide in this field are

  • Venue/ Location Security
  • Vehicle, Equipment and Property Security
  • Security of individual contestants, hosts/ presenters, actors and high profile/ important guests through our Close Protection Operatives
  • Executive Cars including Driver and or Close Protection Operative
  • The safe queuing, searching, ingress, egress and in situ of audiences
  • Installation of security barriers, lighting and CCTV

After the primary function of providing Security, through our excellent Customer Service and ability to become part of the full production team, we work alongside everyone else to ensure the production is as successful as possible in every possible sense.

Door Supervision

Door Supervisors are required to ensure the safety and enjoyment of customers at licensed events and premises. Often a stipulation of your licensing agreement but sometimes a choice to either assist in the success or further secure a venue and it’s visitors, getting the right Door Supervisors can be a difficult task.

There are many companies offering these services but few are able to supply the quality of Door Supervisor SRM can. With a Management Team combining to create decades of experience in Door Supervision, we have learnt the ever-increasing importance of Customer Service in this sector, ensuring your customers have a wonderful experience from the moment they arrive to their safe departure. Every colleague has been trained to understand the importance of Customer Service whilst carrying out their duties as trained to our specially developed in house programme, engaging the customer as often as possible in a polite and welcoming manner, we want to be part of their enjoyment not the cause of them failing to experience any. SRM believe in working together to build a successful business partnership.

As your provider of Door Supervisors, we will ensure site specific Risk Assessments are carried out routinely, and all Health and Safety requirements, Licensing Laws and Industry best practice are met. Our offer is entirely tailored to your requirements, from staff numbers to the way we dress.

Close Protection

A Close Protection Operative may be required when you, an employee, a client or visitor need to be guarded against assault or other unlawful behaviour.

SRM’s Close Protection Operatives are fully qualified professionals and are experienced in Commercial, Executive, TV/Celebrity and Private sectors. Our Operatives aim to provide the maximum protection whilst working to your requirements, either being high profile or discrete.

There are a range of services SRM can offer through our Close Protection Operatives enabling us to meet your every need.

Services our Close Protection Operatives offer.

  • Individual Close Protection Operative
  • Multiple/ Team of Close Protection Operatives
  • Executive Vehicle and Driver
  • Residential Security

Complete Detail –

  • SAP (Security Advanced Party),
  • RST (Residential Security Team)
  • PPO (Personal Protection Officer)
  • PES (Protective Escort Section)
  • PST (Protective Surveillance Team)

Threat assessments both Residential and Commercial

Celebrity Protection
Executive Protection
Private Protection

All of our Operatives are experienced in every service listed above and have worked in a variety of environments, from Residential, Private to Public Place, Television and Party.

Site Security

Whether it is a fixed site or a filming location, SRM have it covered. Offering 24 hour Security our services range from simply securing the perimeter of a site to covering every requirement of a Location set. Understanding the often complex and ever changing requirements of location security, we can adapt to any situation put in front of us, creating a Security plan that offers the flexibility you may require whilst never compromising on achieving our joint primary objectives.

With both site and location security there are often many different groups operating from different departments or companies. SRM have years of experience working in such environments ensuring agreed security procedures are met by all but doing so whilst being part of the team. As with all the services we offer, SRM pride ourselves in completing every task whilst offering excellent customer service, often being a solution to problems where other Security providers may be obstructive, helping where we can do so without it effecting our ability to provide the highest level of security. We at SRM believe in becoming your business partner, helping you and your business to be successful.

Services we offer for Security of your site or location

  • Experienced and highly trained/ customer focused Security Staff available for 24 hour security.
  • Customer Service Personnel.
  • Site or Location Security Planning, including the creation of a site specific Security Operating
  • Procedure Policy.
  • Provision and completion of Site/ Location specific Risk Assessments, Emergency Procedures.
  • Production and Supply of Identification Passes.
  • Security Fencing/ Barriers, Lighting and CCTV.
  • Security Dog or Search Dog teams.
  • Key Control.
  • Site/ Location Management (including the siting of equipment).
  • First Aiders and Fire Wardens.

There are many more services not listed above that we can assist you with and we would be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements with you.

Key Holding & 24Hr Alarm Response

To takeaway the stress and inconvenience of receiving alarm call outs during the night SRM provides key holding services to clients to keep this to a minimum.

SRM will take all alarm activations and send a trained guard to investigate the problem and respond to it.  We can also offer mobile patrols of the building with records kept and given to the client to ensure standard and protocol is adhered to.

Benefits of employing a Key holding Company:

Avoids driving to site when you may be over the legal drink drive limit.
Avoids being disturbed at inconvenient times e.g. when asleep, Christmas Day and social events .
Avoids anyone being exposed to potential danger either on route or once at site .
Avoids office staff remaining on site out of hours resulting in reduced productivity the next day .
Avoids providing cover for your own or staff holidays .
Avoids potential compensation claims from staff who may suffer an accident or are attacked and injured whilst acting as a key holder attending an alarm response .
We will respond 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

We only use the highest trained staff and will respond to all calls within police set guidelines, we also feedback all reports/incidents however minor to the clients keeping them fully in the loop of anything found on patrols etc.