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Security Services we can provide

Close Protection

A Close Protection Operative may be required when you, an employee, a client or visitor need to be guarded against assault or other unlawful behaviour.

SRM’s Close Protection Operatives are fully qualified professionals and are experienced in Commercial, Executive, TV/Celebrity and Private sectors. Our Operatives aim to provide the maximum protection whilst working to your requirements, either being high profile or discrete.

Door Supervision

Door Supervisors are required to ensure the safety and enjoyment of customers at licensed events and premises. Often a stipulation of your licensing agreement but sometimes a choice to either assist in the success or further secure a venue and it’s visitors, getting the right Door Supervisors can be a difficult task.

Film & TV

Film and Television Security can be very complex. Working in conjunction with many other departments of the production team, the venue/ site and often a live audience. This is why it is vital an experienced Security provider is used.

Event Security

Security is imperative at any event or venue, whether indoors or outdoors. The complexity of this task is often under estimated and this is where SRM’s experience can pay dividends. We will strategically plan and co-ordinate Security whilst meeting your specific requirements, ensuring all Health & Safety and legal standards are met.


The field of Investigations and Surveillance is a large and wide field covering many different types. Here at SRM we can help with most projects, we have members off our team who are trained in Surveillance, Investigation techniques and protocol. We can help in many Investigations, which could include; employment theft, misuse of company time and assets, matrimonial, lost persons, neighbourhood checks.

Site & Location

Whether it is a fixed site or a filming location, SRM have it covered. Offering 24 hour Security our services range from simply securing the perimeter of a site to covering every requirement of a Location set. Understanding the often complex and ever changing requirements of location security, we can adapt to any situation put in front of us, creating a Security plan that offers the flexibility you may require whilst never compromising on achieving our joint primary objectives.


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